Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mixed Lollies...

Our time at the beach house seems like it was so long ago....

... the visit was extra special having shared it with close family friends.

The weather was still surprisingly cool (and windy!) for this time of year but that didn't stand in the
way of silly sand sculptures, beach-combing and of course ....

.... food ...

... glorious food ...

I made a little "Christmas branch" with some white paint, white ribbon and beads. Then I 
added a small rope of string lights - to surprise my Father-in-law when he returns this weekend.
(the beach house belongs to Hubby's dad & his partner but they are always happy to have
us there and we're welcome to use it all year round = something we are very grateful for!)

Something else I'm very grateful for...

I supervised a Science Exam yesterday and was rendered all goose-bumpy
with memories of my school years and the study that accompanied (or in the case of Maths - was avoided) all the nerves, sweat and stress. Having said that I actually love to study and learn. 
I enjoyed my university years immensely and probably could have remained an "academic" for the rest of my life (as long as I was left in the field of the Arts that is!) Alas my father had other ideas - "Get some skills and you'll at least be employable young lady!" In retrospect I'm not sure what the words "at least" were implying? Anyhoo... My dad (bless & rest his soul) had honourable intentions, I'm sure. 

What occurred to me as I watched these young people squirm and shuffle in their seats, scratch their heads, bite the end of their pencils, groan, yawn (you get the idea) was that I am no longer at the mercy of report cards, national averages and moderated grading. Yahoooooooo!
And yet? Why is it then, that I want to go back to university and keep studying? 
Perverse self afflicted torture? Hmmmm....
Nevertheless - good luck to all you study bots who are sitting exams.
Stay sane with my best ever study tip - coffee, coffee and more of the same.
If you're too young for caffeine then ... well... sorry - maybe triple strength cocoa?

Speaking of self afflicted. 
The madness of the week has left me well behind in the 
housework department.... 

most notably .... the ironing.
(red faced, shamed and head bowed in disillusionment)
Please don't look too closely and then discover that in fact my guest bed lies beneath this 
avalanche of fabric! To my friends who think of me as quite a neat freak - I present to you 
Exhibit M. Why M you say? 
Because M stands for MIGHTY MESS - that's why.
 In case you think I'm exaggerating, I assure you I am not.
The pooch tried napping on a pile of washing the other day - that's how comfy the mess has become. 
To add the cherry to my delicious cake of denial I have no desire whatsoever to get organised and every effort to fix things ends up with me, tea and chocolate. Bloody Nora - it's outta control peoples!
My craft table (which is usually my safe place, my sane spot ... my sanctuary) has erupted (as usual) leaving behind an imposing mountain of mayhem and (as usual) I have covered it with a tablecloth. 

 (she grumbles as she puts the kettle on for the 3rd time this morning)

 I did manage to make this pretty card for friends who have recently welcomed their first born into the world.  I use wire and beads to make these stick figure people and then embellished it with glitter glue and hand stamped words. The minute I get creative though, all the housework takes a back seat again. So I'm going to have to show some restraint ... sigh.... and get cracking with the all that ironing, a dust cloth & a  hoover..... &  a polish cloth.... & a toilet brush.... Awww man!

How are you all peoples? 
Methinks I'll procrastinate for just a few hours minutes more and catch up on all your lovely lives... 
after all who needs clean clothes and dishes hey?


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Frasier I am dreaming (therefore creating) a world in which time stands still or expands to fit all manners of card making, dishwashing, tea drinking and ironing in!! And so it is.

Eleni said...

I don't iron unless it is absolutely necessary. Put the kettle on, I say! Life's too short!