Friday, June 22, 2012

Big Bang Theory....

Hmmmm.... In theory it seemed like a great idea.
Had this beautiful lady's hair in mind,
 as I trotted off to get the six week trim.
Had a spring in my step and a song in my heart.
(Ok thats' a lie... I was nervous as .... well... possible - I'm not big on change)
Looked great the day it was done....

.... by the hairdresser!

Woke up the following day to a fringe that 
DID NOT recognise the fundamental premise of gravity.
(Chose not include photo of this to avoid public humiliation)

I guess that's why they (hairdressers) are the experts and why it's true
when they say:

Don't get a haircut on an emotional day!

How bout you? 
Had any Hairdasters (Hair+Disaster)
that you'd like 
to share?

How's the weekend looking?
We're off to the beach house.
It will be a cosy affair involving board games, 
red wine and long walks.

Have a good one peoples!


PS -  I'm taking bobby pins.


Greenorchid said...

Yep.. am growing out a major fringe mishap... started cutting on a bad day then realised I've been here before.. it goes wavey and looks ***T so stopped!! 1 month in and still fed up... I'm wearing lots of hats...

In My Wild Eden said...

My bangs are always hard to deal with. Every day they require lots of dedicated attention. Even my hairdresser does not take them lightly. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I love cozy, board games and long walks! I hope it's as awesome as it sounds!

Anonymous said...

I wear bangs, it may be just a matter of getting use to them, fluffing them from underneath, i found helped a bit afterthe first cutting, they should never lay flat flat, when they grow a bit you may be happier, and its only hair , it will grow, ( don't you hate when people say that !!!!) , sounds like a wonderful weekend though, enjoy!

Neesie said...

Oh long have you got for me to relay my hairdressing horrors!
Here's just a snippet as you'll miss you're weekend if I list them all....
Eye lashes cut completely from one eye when having my fringe cut (fringe is what I would call it ~ you say bangs??? never understood that particular one!)
I've lost every ounce of colour from my hair when the plastic bag covering my highlights burst and all the bleach spread. This necessitated another colour having to be put on to eliminate the 'Sid Vicious' lookalike image. Not really the look you want the night before you're engagement!
Also back in the day when I had really long hair, I had rollers put in to give that long curly flowing effect...only to have the rollers object and refuse to come out...the only way they would submit was to cut them out!!!
Does this help you feel any better? I'm sure it must...and to think all these disasters were carried out by someone who supposedly loved me!
My sister never did finish her training but no-one can say I didn't do my bit. :$
Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy!

Eleni said...

It looks great! How are you getting on with it now? My hair's always been pretty unruly but regular fringe-brushing throughout the day seemed to keep mine in check. And magical, magical hairspray, of course ;)

PS: hairdasters? I could write a book...