Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long Weekend Lazies ♥

Well there's only one thing better than a weekend....

... and that's a long weekend.
Quite frankly they can  call it "stand on yer head day" 
Who cares? 
I'd still call it a 
"sleep in, pack picnic and plan a lazy day - day"

(no disrespect intended... um... thank you... governing bodies who make
these generous decisions)

So we did just that ... hit the bush with a (very) yummy
lunch packed - a few blankets for the inevitable snooze and of course...

I donned my trusty Hunters (anything to feel like somehow
we were on English soil) hoping that the creeks would be flowing by now, 
but alas....

... all was dry

It did mean though, that Young Prince and Pooch could roam freely
and explore, without us worrying whether or not either
would return (soggy) with that all too familiar excuse... I slipped.

These half chewed gum-nuts (the flower pods of a variety
of Australian native Eucalypts) were dropping intermittently from the treetops.
 Upon closer inspection we were amazed at the beak strength of our native parrots.
(Seriously gum-nuts are as hard as a rock!)

Lunch was a pick 'n mix ... 

Morrocan Lamb Meatballs (with pistachios and
sultanas) for the carnivorous dudes and chickpea patties for Moi (the veg-head)

Made even more delicious by the prospect of eating in the fresh air.
(Does anyone else agree that camp food always tastes so good?)

We talked, explored, snoozed, drank tea...

... & ate Apple & Hazelnut Cake
(Thank you Hubby!) 

It was more fun than a bear could bear.

We also watched most of the Jubilee broad casts.
"Wanna be Brits" that we are - we loved everything we saw.
Now I plan to catch up with all the Uk bloggy peeps who had
Bank Holiday fun of their own.
Time for tea...
"as one does"


Neesie said...

One always has a tickertyboo time visiting you. On behalf of my husband and I, I'd like to express our deep gratitude to have been offically invited on your open air soiree ;D
It was a truly memorable day and the fact that you had a corgie lookalike only highlighted our sheer delight in the events.
Just one minor point I'd like to express before I depart to other functions is that maybe an afternoon scone would have been well received, although the Apple and Hazelnut cake looked absolutely scrummy.
Cheerio and toodlepip sweetie :D

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

From your often amusing description to your wonderful images, we feel as though we have been with you throughout this 'lazy day-day'. Just the kind of day we so much enjoy and where a picnic [yes, eating outside always makes the food taste better] simply adds to the delight and joy of the whole 'jolly' [as we should name such a day out].

But we should have passed on listening to any Jubilee broadcast - now that is not our thing!!

Eleni said...

Ha ha I loved your comment on my last post! I must admit I was rather pleased with my oh-so-very-English-looking photos. Nothing like a sunny day in May :)

I am rather jealous of your picnic, though - it rained ALL the way through our jubilant Jubilee weekend!