Monday, August 20, 2012


I have this fabulous mood board next
to my working space. It's an old wrought iron
gate that we found at the back of our property when 
we were replacing the run down fence.

I had the idea when I saw Vintage Spinster using something similar
to display all her stunning period hats.

Mine houses a whole variety of bits and bobs, images and cards, 
fabric and jewelry ...

I love to rearrange items and often 
I find I've inadvertently stayed true
to a specific colour scheme
(usually blues & greys)

I love that just by glancing up and focusing on 
one or two pieces juxtaposed along side each other
I'm inspired with new ideas and montages...

I'm even brave enough to put 
my own creations on it ...

Do you have a mood board?

How do you use it? Are you ordered and methodical?

Or is it a mish mash like mine?

When you look at it do find themes revealed?
I do.

I think that's what I love the most. 

Its like a window to my soul...


Neesie said...

A wonderful post this morning...
you've certainly given a closer peak into yourself here.
What a beautiful displays your fantastic bits and pieces so well. It's obviously happy to have been dusted off and once more of use. Perfect!

I have an inspirational wall but it's nothing like your display. It's just a white wall because we are only temperarily occupying this space. I've only used blue tac to attach the bits and pieces for now.
Once I get settled and have my own studio I'll definitely be looking for something along this line.
Thanks for all the inspiration.
Have a terrific Tuesday ;D

Kylie said...

I think our whole house is a mood board! Or a mess, depends which way you look at it...
I love your gate mood board. I have seen V.S's. Her whole shop is lovely. Is it still open?

Harri Davison said...

This is just a fabulous idea.. it's handy and almost a piece of personal art. I think I should get something like this for University, when I start new projects I always like to have inspiration where I can see it all the time and it'll liven up a grotty student house :) xxx