Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thoughts in point form...

Lest this turn into a blog that only ever contains photos of flowers, I've decided to steer clear of the blooms today peoples. Although last night's class was absolutely fab (we made wreaths) I was unable to get a decent (that means blog-worthy if I'm to be truly honest) photo. We finished up late and by the time I arrived home from the city I was ready for nothing but bed. This morning was a hectic mix of getting the chickens fed, Young Prince to school, the pooch to a play date and back to the city for work.... breathe.

I'm waiting for Winter. Patiently and with great enthusiasm for all the cosiness it brings to my "heaven in the hills" The chickens get more worms, the herbs water themselves and I get to plan activities that involve a lot of sock wearing and tea drinking. I realise that for many this is blasphemy. Summer is the season for living ... say some. I reason that my absurd love for cold weather actually serves a purpose in balancing out the world's surfing, beach going, sun soaking bods with us knitting, fire stoking, book reading folk. No stereotypes intended.

By hook or by crook I'm mastering bread this Winter. Nothing smells better than a freshly baked loaf hot out of the oven (with the exception of fried onions, freshly cut grass, eucalypts after the rain and puppy breath) Hubby bakes a mean wholemeal but I'd like to try my hand at Rye, Sourdough and THIS BREAD... do yourself a favour and check out that link peoples... my mouth waters EVERY time I see it. Oh and if you think this recipe looks dandy then have a browse around, Sarah has created a vegetarian heaven.

I'm looking for some recommended reading. I've exhausted the pile at home and I'm in need of some written word that will A - inspire B - make me cry C - isn't gory, violent or full of sex and D - avoids all the shades of grey. This is as much a request to you my fellow bloggers as it is a shameless hint to my loved ones (my birthday is only 7 sleeps away) 

And last but not least ... a tiny bit of self promoting/boasting/happiness and glee coming up...

The above image was picked as a favourite by the Design Sponge team for an Instagram competition they ran in February. I'll be completely frank here and admit the truth about the discreet squeal I gave when I saw my name on this awesomerrificlyfabulous site... yes sir. I did the happy dance. Small victories are victories nonetheless no? Anyway you can see it here ... and it will look exactly the same as it does here - but there are other cool images to see and of course all the coolness that is Design Sponge to tempt you from the days to-do-list. 

Speaking of... I have a job to get back to and sneaking in blogging time is not part of the job requirements so I'd better sign off and wish you all a very happy weekend filled with all that's groovy.

Please not - I know these images are completely unrelated but I was afraid of new comers visiting my blog and thinking I do nothing but stare at flowers all day long... which I do... but still. 


Wendy said...

I was just thinking how very well-composed those photos are and then I read the bit about being on Design Sponge. An accolade totally deserved. Your pics are a pleasure to look at.

Personally I struggle to see the allure of winter but I fully subscribe to the 'each to his own' philosophy. Hope your sock-wearing weather arrives sooner than later - might mean the Northern hemisphere gets a bit of sunnier weather earlier too!

I am not into books right now but last year I loved reading The Help. It roused all sorts of emotions in me.

Also, the Kate Mosse series - Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel - is excellent. Do you read Douglas Kennedy? In particular, State of the Union, Leaving This World, The Pursuit of Happiness...all brilliantly engaging and superbly written. Love his use of words.

Last year I wrote some reviews on a book blog I started (and then abandoned) :

There were some good reads there.

Kylie said...

No flowers, but still a beautiful post.
Big congrats on the Design Sponge thingy. That is awesome x

terlee said...

Winter is my favorite time of year as well. In my part of the world Spring is on the horizon--which I don't mind--but then come the dreaded dog days of Summer. Ugh.

Congrats on the lovely Instagram win!

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Stay summer stay!!! :) N.

Eddie F said...

Lovely pictures ... food always looks so rubbish when I try to take a picture of it : o / I think it's a special skill.