Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Still learning...

My oh my... if anyone had told me that one of the most challenging tasks in Floristry was wire work I would have scoffed and (rather arrogantly) replied "Oh I can handle wire... " Um.. No.
It's hard peoples... maybe not for everyone but for me it. is. haaaaaard.

My humble attempt!

Maybe the fact that I have such large hands and long fingers, makes it even more challenging 
to tackle these fiddly bits. We were asked to make an OTT Corsage and I bought a bunch of Orchids for the class to share (that's why they all look similar) Whilst I'm not one for corsages myself (or any strict symmetrical design for that matter) I do appreciate that young debutantes demand these in droves and they end up being a nice penny earner if you can master them. I am still loving this course more than words can say and I cannot wait to start other components ... like... NOW! I'm a wee bit impatient I'll admit. Next week we tackle staggering in a symmetrical bouquet. On another note....

We attended the Blues and Roots Festival last weekend and had a ball. My favourite act was definitely Rufus Wainwright who stole my heart with his amazing voice and unique song writing. He does a pretty amazing version of this well known number too. We had great weather for it and I left feeling incredibly grateful to live in a country that organises and offers so many fabulous artistic festivals. 

Well peoples I have lots to do to prepare for Easter ... a hearth to decorate, food to purchase, recipes to read, bunting to make.... I'm a little unorganised. I think it's hard to face Easter knowing that I wont be (by choice of course) eating chocolate and drinking tea. Still this juice journey has been AMAZING and I feel so incredibly rejuvenated and renewed... in mind, body and spirit. Only seven more sleeps and I will have completed a 60 day journey that has changed my thoughts on health, nutrition and natural remedies for life. I have a lot to be grateful for this Easter and for me it really is a time of rebirth.
I wish you all a safe a break and a very Happy Easter. 


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Wow, that last shot is stunning Fras!!! You rock.

In My Wild Eden said...

The flowers are so beautiful. I love what you are learning. I can't wait to see what's next. I love Rufus' version of that song. It's so cool that you got to see him. You are very inspiring with the juicing. I'm glad you feel so good. I hope you have an amazing weekend.