Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good times....


Gratuitous shots of adults at a birthday party. A dress up party. No theme. Just silliness....

It was Hubby's birthday and as you can see there was silliness aplenty!
We were overwhelmed by every one's enthusiasm and there were even prizes. For the most unique  - our resident assassin with a briefcase full of murder! Our basketballer took best costume (sheer effort!  - although Papa Smurf made his own cap so it was a VERY close tie) and our french maid (aka my brother in drag) took worst - a title he was proud of!

Lucky I was a judge - just between you and me I thought my Mrs Havisham deserved a prize.

We finished off the weekend with our first visit to Jaimie's Italian. Amazeballs. My favourite was the Truffle Risotto and Hubby could not get over the Sour Cherry Bakewell. Young Prince devoured all three courses (as teenagers do) declaring it one of the best meals he's ever had.
If you're a *Perthon then I highly recommend a visit.

All in all a winning weekend.

What about you peoples? How was your weekend? Get up to much? Come to think of it we are fast approaching another weekend! Mothers Day weekend at that. Hmmm ... maybe a I can try and wrangle another meal at Jaimie's ... oooh yeah.

* A person who lives in Perth


terlee said...

Hilarious photos...what a fun crowd. And that was your brother??? hahahaha

Wendy said...

Scariest French maid I ever did see! :)

Looks like a fabulous time.

I have yet to eat at a Jamie O resto - you've made me want to go.

In My Wild Eden said...

What fun! My son walked by and said what is that? It looks scary! It looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures.

Neesie said...

Oh my word you look like you had a brilliant time. Hilarious photos although I have to admit were a little scary even for me! LOL
I'm so late visiting but sending my belated happy birthday wishes to your hubby ;D
Thanks for sharing...I think you all deserve a prize!
Have a wonderful week hopefully in a little more suitable attire! LOL