Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister!

*spar·kle  (spärkl)
v. spar·kledspar·klingspar·kles
1. To give off sparks.
2. To give off or reflect flashes of light; glitter. See Synonyms at flash.
3. To be brilliant in performance.
a. To shine with animation: He has eyes that sparkle.
b. To flash with wit: Her conversation sparkled all evening.
5. To release gas bubbles; effervesce: Champagne sparkles.
To cause to flash and glitter: Sunlight was sparkling the waves.
1. A small spark or gleaming particle.
2. A glittering quality.
3. Brilliant animation; vivacity.
4. Emission of gas bubbles; effervescence.

For my partner in crime. Nadya... you make Tinkerbell look shabby.


* definition taken from here


Kylie said...

Happy birthday and lots of love to lovely Nadya. How lucky you are to have each other for sisters!

p.s. course going great. Distinctions so far! (can you BELIEVE it? I had to double check with tutor!)

p.p.s coffee/tea would be nice. Very. Just send me a note Angy - when you've got some time up your sleeve okay...


terlee said...

What a great birthday 'card' for your sis... ;D

ellen said...

It is a great birthday card. Good love between sisters can't be beat.

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Thank endlessly Sister, I get my fuel to shine from you!!!:)