Monday, July 29, 2013

Alice & this looking glass....

I'm all the way over here
You're all the way over there
Then I say something you like, you loathe, you laugh at...
... maybe you even shed a tear

I love your images, your recipes and the way your day to day struggles mirror mine
I love that we can marvel at global similarities in the midst of comparative prose
I love your photos, your lucky junk finds, your taste in clothing, your pain and your voice
I think about you when I see things you might like
I hook up with you on Instagram... you know ... as you do

You leave a thoughtful, cheeky, self deprecating comment on one of my posts
You reference your truth and it's a mirror to mine, a challenge to mine... 
..... a new perspective even
Your talent inspires me and your authenticity is a benchmark
You talk of apple pies, mountains, stitches and love
I talk of them too

The connections are like dew drops on a spider web
Fragile, beautiful, real... but evaporative
You know me - or at least the parts of me I share
Maybe you even know me better through that which I omit

I'm here and I'm so glad you are too
It's all different and yet the same
It's all frivolous and yet serious
It's all truth and yet edited

This stuff we share on the net
This stuff we give away
This stuff we contribute
This stuff we create
This stuff we critique
This stuff we devour

I've been immersed in it and when I take a moment to step back 
and see it from a distance... it simply blows me away


Peoples I hope you've had a great week thus far?
I've had newcomers comment and private emails from people
with crazy, stunning, stupendous feedback.
I've had ideas galore.
I've had an exam and I aced it! (Yay for me!)
I've stumbled on new blogs - and I've left a few behind 
(does that happen to you too?)
I've had family truths bring about greater strengths within.
Wowsers... I am blessed
Sending you all some of my Eternal Sunshine.... & big love.


Vintage Jane said...

What a brilliant post. And so true ... the Blogosphere is amazing. I have met so many friends who seem to know me despite me feeling that I don't truly reveal myself; I have learnt a huge amount and been blown away by the creativity out there. Bestest ... M x

Unknown said...

Beautiful. I'm obsessed by maps. Loved seeing the map of the uk xbx

Neesie said...

WOW you've captured it all there Angy! ;D
What a fabulous post and the photographs are just perfect.
I've been asked by non-bloggers why do I keep in touch with people as they are just randoms! How can you explain just how different the blogosphere works to a non-believer?
Congrats on your fantastic exam result...I knew you'd have no problem what with your creativity and imagination...a walk in the park!
Have a great week xoxo

ellen said...

What a brilliant and beautiful post. It blows me away!
Congrats on your ace.