Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Jaunt....and the truth.

Frustrated and moody, irritable and challenged. I'd rather be honest than tell blogging fibs and post about a cosy existence that does not (at least for now) exist. 

Health issues are still lingering and even though there is most certainly "light at the end of the proverbial tunnel" I am forced to dig deep for patience and optimism. Hubby decided a day out and about might help lift the spirits and I'm happy to report that although we only managed a "half-day" adventure ....

... it was exactly what I needed.

It's no coincidence that I chose black & white to capture the day... I think when you feel a little disconnected it affects most of your choices and there was something strangely comforting about viewing images that reflected the way I'm feeling ... the way I'm seeing... the way I'm thinking.

We went to Fremantle and sat on the main street eating a tapas style lunch in the brilliance of a Perth Spring day. The atmosphere was upbeat and touristy ... as it almost always is in Freo. Oktoberfest had begun and so there were a number of events being held up and down the main stretch. (I think it's pretty tacky celebrating a very NON-Australian tradition here but I suppose local business would argue that any gimmick pulls in a crowd) 

I'm not really forcing a smile... by this stage I was truly grateful to be venturing away from the couch and soaking in some much needed Vitamin D. What this photo does not reveal is the hideousness of the busker hired to entertain with what can only be described as really bad "german folk music" with blurred cultural interventions (Shuduppayaface??? - have you heard of this song? ... Oh Dear) 

Still it's nearly impossible not to feel burdens lighten when everyone around you is basking in the first real Spring weather we've had all year and before long I found myself perking up & feeling truly grateful. I have the most amazing Husband who tends to my every need (no small feat when you consider the frightening unpredictability of a hormonal female whose stubborn attitude has yet to be defeated) I have a son who has championed me through some of the worst of this "crisis" and I have a family, friends (and you dear fellow bloggers) who have helped me tremendously. 

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You have left such intuitive, kind and caring comments and I want you to know that EACH and EVERY one of them has touched me deeply. Just the fact that you take the time to fill in that "annoying spam decoder" thingy is a compliment in it's own right! I sit with Kleenex reading them to my Hubby who smiles, hugs me and tells me "I deserve your well wishes" ....

.... again THANK YOU. I am going in for am operation at the end of this month. The only reason I choose not to detail the specifics of my health issues is simply because we are all so very individual in our needs, bodies and medical experiences. What may have been a cause for alarm with me would not blip on anothers radar and what may be easy for me may be challenging for someone else. I have learnt of the health challenges of a few fellow bloggers (some privately and others publicly - some in great detail and some vague) and I feel that the essence of each story always brings about the same moral...

... gratitude, love, hope, friendship... these are what count. End of story. Period. Fact.

Hubby and I pondered all of these truths over our chocolate treats ... we savoured each delicious bite and reflected on the fact that even when life presents a stumbling block we are blessed to have human hands who reach out and lift you up, cheer you on and celebrate your victories with you.

Yes... a jaunt with a loved one, a few rays of sunshine and some chocolate ...was far better than ANY of the Doctors orders. 

We are smack bang in the middle of school vacation here and I'm blessed to have my Young Prince with me ... most days ...
(teenage social calendars... methinks the President of America aint this busy!!) 
...and I hope to enjoy a walk in the park with him later today. These casual dates often lead to deeper things as we chat, laugh and ponder life's very important issues - although can anyone really ever say which cross species would make for the best super hero powers??? 

On another note I'd like to introduce you to the two newest members of our family....

Welcome to Fay & Cassandra - a spritely Welsummer and a plucky Rhode Island Red. 
We ventured with friends on the weekend to help them choose a new feathered family... 
(they recently lost ALL six of their gals to a Fox frenzy!) 
...and ended up with two of our own. As you do. 

Method in our madness though. 
Our dear sweet Roz became broody three days ago and so last night we snuck 
these two darlings beneath her while she slept ...
(we've done this before with great success)
... and woke early this morning to find them following her dutifully and nestling as though 
she'd been there Mum all along. Oh how I love chickens!

Updates to follow I promise.

I've had a few people ask about their names and (although it may seem cheesy) we have chosen to name all our chickens after female characters in the American sitcom Frasier. It was a show that provided emotional/comic relief in a time when we were nursing a loved one through Cancer so we have fond memories attached. So far there has been Roz, Daphne (RIP) Lillith and Maris... and now Fay and Cassandra. We have at least twenty more names to choose from too... my favourite being Mrs Moon.

Well peoples... I wish I could say I have a day of marathon running, cartwheel turning and dancing ahead but alas I am forced to choose from activities of the slightly more docile nature. Today will consist of reading, light tidying, crafting & creating and checking on two little chicks at regular intervals. 

I promise though that my next post will not contain a stitch of self pity and I will make a concerted effort to include colour filled images of creative ventures, cute animals ... and so forth ... and so forth.

For now though... a sincere thank you for indulging me in my woes and pondering life through a colour  drained lens. In truth I think it adds to the poetic irony of the day... ♥♥♥

Wishing you bundles of fun for the week ahead!
I'm going to put the kettle on now - steep a delicious brew and catch up on all your adventures... 
...which I'm sure will be even more tonic for my soul. 

Aaaah... I feel better already :-) 


Neesie said...

Hello my lovely ;D
Firstly, I have to say I love black and white photos but then when I read your words I realised the meaning behind you using them. I suppose they do convey your mood very well, but I hope that you continue to have colour return soon. A kaleidoscope in fact because you certainly deserve it!

Secondly, no wonder you didn't feel well sitting listening to that song. What are you thinking Angy? I know it and oh boy it's a humdinger! But at least the sun and wonderful company did the trick :D

Loving your new family members. I'm really quite tempted to add to our family too, but then we do have fox's and I couldn't bare anything happening to them. It's bad enough keeping an eye on McMuffy ^..^

Good luck with your operation...I know all will be well. Just trust in the experts and do as you're told! Your loving family will be there for relax and just concentrate on getting back your enthusiasm for cartwheels!
Yayhay! ♥x♥x♥

In My Wild Eden said...

Oh, I am so sorry you are still not feeling well but I am glad you felt free to express your feelings. I hope it helped at least a bit. Your pictures are so beautiful- textured and with such a great vintage feel. I only wish you felt bright and energetic and hope you are yourself again soon. I am so happy you have such an amazing family to help you through.

terlee said...

Hey, if you can't vent and wallow amongst friends...when can you? ;D

This too shall pass, Angy, and you'll be well soon.

Love the subtle beauty in the photos and how perfectly they fit your post.

Diana Studer said...

you gave me such happiness with the comment you left, such generosity of spirit despite the challenge in your life. Go well.

cara said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through a bad time and that I've been so slow on the uptake. All of my love and well wishes to you and I hope that it all passes as soon as possible. C x

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Thank you for the pleasure of meeting Cassandra and Fay today Sister and the beauty and honesty of this post, love, love, loveXxXx

Unknown said...

Getting out and managing what you can is very much the best medicine. Stay as positive as you can. It's not easy. But some days are beautiful. Love. Love. X