Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pinterest ... the pros and cons

To pin or not to pin? That is really not the question here at all. The question is how not to pin for two hours (or until one's bum goes numb) at the expense of other more productive activities. Indeed no amount of pinning ever gets the ironing done, the dishes clean or the family fed - BUT  - it will show you how to make your own linen spray, stack the dishwasher effectively, cook a vegan feast for twenty in under an hour - I kid you not... If it can be done, if it can be seen, if it can be photographed, catalogued, made, visited, laughed at or stalked... it's on Pinterest. I think of it as a subscription to every known publication on the planet.

I have a few boards (cough cough) and yes, I've pinned a modest (cough cough) tally of images.
I tend to set a timer nowadays  - this way I avoid being judged by my sixteen year old who thrives on noting my "screen time" ..... and let's face it - it can be overdone.

So far I've come up with waaay more pros than cons. In fact, I only have two negatives to note:

1 - Time wasting - enough said.
2 - Bad pinning = bad linking = bad credit = ineffective information = rubbish = internet.

So as a general rule - always do your research. Check that credit given is legit and be aware of the fact that the digital era we live in allows ANYTHING on the web to be manipulated. (ANYTHING)

Having said all that  - I love it. Not as much as the written, printed, three dimensional word no, but pretty darn satisfying as far inspiration, organisation and gathering of ideas.

Here are a few of my pins...

Obviously it's great for creating mood boards that inspire your dream home, sense of style, taste... love of white floorboards, linen and all things rustic... but did you know that you can find your DREAM bathroom too?

... or perhaps you obsess over greenery...

Need artistic inspiration?
Well look no further... Pinterest has you covered....

Paolo Reversi 

David Oliveira

... and if fine art is not quite your talent well then just get 
your craft on baby...

... or pin just the movies & tunes you'd highly recommend
to friends and fellow pinners... 



The Cabinet of Dr Caligari 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

... then again if you fancy cooking up a few carbohydrate dense delights
(as I do)  then you you've come to the right place darling. In Pinterest land it's ok to be 
a lacto-ove-vegan-paleo-gluten tolerant-carbaddicted-foodie...

... and plan the outfit you want to wear to that Spring wedding that's coming up...

... or just pin for the sake of sheer beauty...

And if you're anything like me and you love a bit of wit mixed with a few giggles...

I know a lot of people are concerned about crediting images and content correctly.
Of course if you can give credit then it's deemed the proper thing to do.
Problem is the ball of yarn has been played with - the tangles are too hard to unravel.

When I pin artists I check the link first and then (if I can) 
I try to support their social media or link directly back to the source.

It's tough though. A lot of the time you can but when you are unable to 
it means deciding whether the credit is worth more than the beauty of the art
itself. Do you let go or do you pin and just love what you've saved?

And what about intellectual property - that meme that had you in 
stitches all day... who IS the comical genius behind that cat GIF ?

I love a good debate. I'd be keen to hear what you have to say on the matter.
As you can see I've provided links back to my pins but I'm afraid that's as far as I've gone.
I have cleared my conscience with one of my favourite quotes from the essay 

"To give a text an Author" and assign a single, corresponding interpretation 
to it "is to impose a limit on that text."

And on that note I'll sign off with one of my favourite pins..
(Author unknown but this does not detract from the giggle factor)


Last but not least - a huge, heartfelt and gracious THANK YOU to 
all the beautiful people who responded to my last post with care. compassion, warmth, 
kindness, humour and support. Emails, comments, flowers! 
It humbled me so.
 Indeed there's nothing like a huge dose of gratitude to transform ones mood. 

Wishing you all a fabulous and safe weekend peoples

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WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Of course I shall never run out of gift ideas for you Fras! And of course love the raven and the Ryan Adams quote!! Xx