Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is that Autumn I spy?

I know, I know... Complaining gets you absolutely nowhere but if I call it "longing" then surely I'm allowed to moan and wallow and wish and whimper?

You see I am spotting more and more of Autumns promise - like this divine Plane Tree leaf - but alas the weather is still 235 million degrees outside (tad exaggeration) and every time I open the office door (I'm working in an office TEMPORARILY)I spot the outside world  and it greets me with very un-wintery (a new word) weather. Grrr...Mumble mumble...Grr!

Lovely brown leaf are you taunting me?
Do you know how much I long to see more of your kind, dancing around the streets in choreographed swirls and twirls?

No - you are perfect and patient and not in the least bit concerned. Just as a lovely brown leaf should be.

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