Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bubs and Pups and Chicks...

This post is ALL over the place...
(But so was the weekend)

My girls are EXCELLENT mothers and the chicks are all doing so well...

... getting brave and venturing away from the flock...

...foraging and pecking...

 & looking for grubs (moths are a definite favourite)

I love that every time the Mums hear a Wattle bird or a Crow the heads go up, the chicks get called
and they all scurry into the laying box for protection. So precious.

Then Saturday evening was set aside (happily) for babysitting.
Here are my brother and his beautiful family.

There's nothing like little children to bring you into the present moment and 
give you a great big slap from the gratitude fairy.

They can make you laugh, make you cry and make you mad
(all in one night)

Then you look into those eyes and well...

.... you melt.

Oh & by the way... it helps when people pay you for your baby minding 
skills with Baci chocolates.
(Just a tip for all you parents out there)

Then Sunday starts with homemade Cheesymite Scrolls
A combo of Cheddar & Vegemite/Promite/Marmite...doesn't really matter as it's the deadly
combination of cheese and warm bread that sends the taste buds into a drooling frenzy.

Made a wee piggy of myself and ate three - on the same day.

Then again - I needed my energy.
We manned a stall for dear brother in law and his new 
business venture. Pet beds with an added bonus.

Personally, for me the bonus is hanging out 
with handsome furry fellas all day.

So I'm tired (very tired) but I'm full.
Full of Gratitude, Smiles
 (I get a smiling headache when it comes to dogs)
Joy and sumptuous, oozy, head spinning Love.
Gosh... this blog really helps me put the rose coloured glasses on and see the world 
as a fun filled, miraculous and friendly place.
For those of you who read these words and feel them resonate...
I send you light and love tonight.
My blog has been a sort of "gratitude journal" and to be able to 
share it with the world (literally) is so life affirming.

Thank you peoples
Our worlds matter so much more than we realise sometimes (agree?)
They say money makes the world go round and true, its' "practicality" is evident everywhere.
However for me (at least for this weekend) 'twas 
Pups and Chicks and Bubs that made my world spin.
(and food... let's not forget the food)



chasing lightning bugs said...

i'm waking up sunday morning and your weekend is finished. but it sounds like it was wonderful one. it's fabulous to look back over a day and see how great it was rather than all the areas it could have been better. it makes life a joyous thing. and that makes me drawn to your blog and your happy spirit.
the the chick-lets are adorable....both fowl and human.

In My Wild Eden said...

Such a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sending "light and love". Your post was very uplifting and I love a gratitude journal. Your weekend was packed with so many wonderful things! Very nice to read.

JB said...

Spectacular, as always, my Love.

Eleni said...

Ah, "if money's all you want, then money's all you get!" I'll take puppies and food any day. In fact, If I got paid in food and puppies, life would be very sweet indeed!