Monday, October 24, 2011

It's not a coffee table...

I know it sounds silly but I'm not fond of the words
"coffee table"
Don't ask me why, no particular reason - I mean I like the words on their own.
However juxtapose the two and it no longer appeals to me... weird I know.
I suppose it suits then, that I am now the owner of a pretty funky 
"coffee drum"

Hand beaten aluminium from Freedom Furniture.
A bit wonky with fantastic rustic imperfections, just like our family :-)

I love that it's round and hollow - so I can store my winter rugs underneath. 
Previously we had two boxes and I was pretty chuffed when Hubby agreed
that it was time for an "upgrade" 
(we'd used the boxes for 5 years!)
It's just occurred to me that I've never owned a coffee table - I wonder if that's because I'm 
a mad tea drinker? Could it be a bizarre subconscious malady?

Anyway... here it is in our sitting room.
You'll notice a branch extending out from behind the BIG screen television.
Well that's just my way of distracting myself from the unattractive black plastic designer mishap that is 
a ... cringe... here comes another word I don't like... flat screen tv. Yuk.
Apologies Hubby (marriage has it's compromises) but I'll never love the look of this electronic
monolith... but I do love my period dramas in high definition so I suppose I should not complain.

In my bid to "soften" the plastic presence of Mr Samsung I have placed this 
gorgeous nest in the branch - and invited Mr & Mrs Tweet to stay.

Next to the TV cabinet I've placed a large mirror on one side 
and on the other I have a hand made leather ottoman from Morocco...

... and a printers tray on the wall...

I've got Scrabble letters & white pebbles on it at the moment.
I love the contrast of the wood and the stone.
Looking around the room I can see that I'm drawn to natural materials like wood, 
sisal, stone, iron & cotton.

Hubby bought me this dome basket to hide the many remotes he uses for his
"entertainment devices" - there that sounds better does it not?
My coffee table tea drum matches so many different textures & materials and 
I've already delighted in placing a couple of stunning dusty pink roses (in a bud vase) next to my ceramic
lotus votive holder.... most serene.

Thank you for indulging me peoples. 
I see so many STUNNING images on your blogs and your homes are so inspiring. I devour all the glimpses into abodes that are unique and filled with the authenticity of peoples lives. I love seeing how people compose their belongings and how they express themselves with a variety of materials - decorative and/or practical. Even better your stories about where you found, how you made or why you chose specific items... please keep it coming!


PS - I've noticed I use brackets, parenthesis  & quotation marks A LOT in my blog.
Hope it reads & flows well? Truth is it's actually how I think... 
Lots of asides, pauses, distracted fleeting thoughts... ramblings...musings....
ideas.... observations... um... sorry... where was ?


JB said...

Tea Drum, Eh?..

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

I didn't even get to see it last night Fras! Must come around and use your tea drum - especially love those coasters, they are particularly good taste.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We too so dislike the concept of a coffee table and, like you, are at pains to avoid having anything which could be called one. Occasional tables alongside sofas and chairs fulfil the purpose for us, or long upholstered stools which we also rather like. Therefore, we think your 'drum' is perfect, as indeed is everything which you show - so eclectic and totally different. Bravo!!

Eleni said...

A Tea Drum! I love it! I agree, there is something so humdrum about the phrase "coffee table."

You write how you speak, and that is how we feel we are getting to know you. Don't change :)

chasing lightning bugs said...

i love your tea drum!!! LOVE it. and once you brought it up, i realized i have never had a coffee table either. i had a lovely old trunk for several years, but it became an annoyance stuck in the middle of the room.
and as for the tv thing....i love your branch and nest. what a perfect distraction. i wall mounted ours on the back of an old cabinet with doors so it could be enclosed when i didn't want to look at it. the doors eventually became an annoyance so we took them off. but it still feels sort of hidden.

Krystal Lee said...

haha your post made me laugh, i also have a woven basket for the 'entertainment devices' such lovely photos as well! and i love the way you write with all the dot dot dots... (!)