Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lucky find...

A very dear family member celebrates a birthday and we are invited to High Tea. 
Deciding to make an effort for this fellow
"Austen appreciating, tea imbibing lady"
 I investigate the feasibility of hiring a fancy costume.

Think Mad Hatter tea party or something say.....


Can you imagine my delight when I drive past a 
Salvation Army store and spot this in the window?

Brakes screeched, heart raced.... 
"probably won't fit me though"
(she thought)

Well not only did it fit 
(like a glove)
but the lovely ladies even had this in store ....

A tulle underskirt made for a wedding dress!

Mmmm .... meant to be methinks

And just look at the detail.
I imagine it was made either as a wedding dress 
(for a fellow period drama enthusiast such as myself)
or a costume for a film/play.

So for a fraction of the cost of hiring an outfit, 
I am now the proud (if somewhat obsessed) owner of
a small piece of period perfection.

I might add that I have been wearing it around the house (when no one's home of course)
and, I think, doing a Maaaarvelous & Sooooper job of...

... walking up straight, swishing and swirling.

 Good day to you my lovelies. If you'll kindly excuse me, 
I have some rather pressing matters to attend to, calling cards to deliver, 
ribbons to acquire... 



Eleni said...
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Eleni said...

Wow, what a find! Just don't spill the aforementioned tea on it (there's a reason I never wear white...)

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Wow, great minds think alike Fras! I can't believe we both did a post on the same day about a special dress we (you) found!! Your photos are gorgwa.