Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday in the Park ...

They say that you can measure the success of a city
by the amount of greenery it offers....

... well actually that's just something I made up.
I would measure the success of a city that way and 
indeed my city scores very highly in this category.

Hyde Park is one such successful spot.
Cafes within walking distance and ample parking.

A lovely lake, picnic benches, a playground...

... and all importantly ... lots and lots of trees.

A mocha or two ...

... something sweet filled with caramel goo...

..... a friend who'll eat the crumbs you drop...

... people smiling and kids giggling....

What more can you ask?

This kind of public art is popping up everywhere and 
I must say I just love it.

We even spotted a couple of Black Swans...

Our state bird 

I think Hyde Park will see a lot more 
of the JAm family this Spring


So how was your weekend?
Your plans for the up and coming week?
We spent today in the garden cutting back
mad bushes and weeding.
In a minute my brother will be dropping by
with my nieces... It's been a very blessed weekend


In My Wild Eden said...

What a beautiful place to spend time. I love it all!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh what a beautiful post, love the black swans , I have never saw those before, your photos are just amazing!!

Neesie said...

A lovely post that ticks all my boxes. It's great to see you by the way ;D
As you know Melbourne has so many wonderful parks too...I think it really does add something special to a city, having somewhere for people to spend some quality time together.
I love the black swans too and our local pond had one, but he seems to have decided to move on now ~ I like to think he's found his mate! ;D
I'm drawing a 'Willy Wagtail' this afternoon, but he's not having any crumbs on my dining room table. Well not until he's finished anyway!
Have a wonderful week ~ have lots of fun! xoxo