Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thoughts in point form....

We have a saying* here in Oz.... it's not a particularly civilised, dignified or elegant saying but I have heard it uttered by people of all ... um.... how shall I put this.... backgrounds? It's a simile that I believe accurately describes the Summer of 2013 thus far. 

The garden is looking awful and there is simply no point in planting anything, what with the water restrictions and all. The temperatures are extreme and my chickens spend the entire day under the apricot tree with their wings spread slightly and their mouths ajar. 

My pooch lies around the house looking forlorn....he knows I'm not one to venture out into this heat and is quite sulky about the lack of visits to the park. 

On the upside my whites have never looked brighter. 

I'm waiting patiently to begin my course. 

I get so excited thinking about the prospect of playing with flowers... seriously can there be a better pastime? 

My son has settled into the new school year and, although I'm happy for him, I do miss him. I will never understand the parents who long for vacations to end... then again I do only have one bub. 

I've been trying to set aside time for meditation every day... but the mind keeps drifting to dahlias, roses, eucalypts and ... dare I say it... Winter. 

* apologies for the teaser but I can't bring myself to type the words you'll just have to look it up.


terlee said...

Totally hilarious "saying." I laughed out loud, scared the dogs, then thought you could have posted it, especially as everyone in Oz uses the phrase.

Personally, I can't wait to use it myself once winter is over and it gets too hot here in my part of the world.

ellen said...

Oh, me too..laughing my head off and you can bet I am going to use it too. I'll have to wait at least six months though.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought of myself as a Summer person, but this summer has been a bit too hot for me! And our chickens are really struggling. I get the fun job of going out to hose down their run every couple of hours to give them some cool dirt to wallow in. Poor babies. Totally in sympathy with yours!