Monday, April 1, 2013

An Easter Hearth...

I loved reading about everything that all you fellow bloggers got up to over the Easter break.
Those with kids obviously spend it a little differently to those without. Unless you're like me and you'd participate in an egg hunt any old day. I find that having a big kid around the house changes things a little. He appreciates traditions but there's a little less "mystique" surrounding them now. Still I forge on trying to maintain a balance between "accepting the new" and "cherishing the old" ...

... having said that, here's my contribution to the festivities
around our house....

... and Easter Hearth, complete with Peter Rabbit Bunting, 
Lucerne Hay, Pussy Willow branches....

... a few little critters, a few eggs...

... even a few sheep 
(not sure where they fit into the story but I love em)

I had such fun putting it together - as I do when I'm 
taking charge helping with the Christmas Tree.
I added some string lights and chocolate eggs too.
I like it so much I doubt I'll remove it for a wee while yet.
How was your Easter break peoples?
Get up to much?

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terlee said...

Your decorations are really cool and very festive. And I love those sheep!