Sunday, February 24, 2013

Longing, Missing and Wishing....

I've been cleaning. 
Not my home (although that needs some attention today for sure)
My other home. 
The great temple that is my body. 
The sacred space that houses this heart, this mind and these hopes and dreams. 
I am not a fan (at all) of commercial detox products and "get super healthy super quickly" schemes. Let's face it - as long as it takes you to get messy is usually as long as it will take you to get clean, right? 

All I'm doing is avoiding (not forever) the cooked, the processed and the chemical 
(caffeine to be precise)
whilst embracing raw, natural, liquified, blended and smoothied goodness. 

I feel amazing. I feel light, I feel clear. I wont go into specifics, suffice it so say there are many websites and blogs dedicated to this sort of topic and it really does get boring when people preach.

No I only wanted to tell you this because I have a very simple list of things I am craving like crazy.
So simple in fact there's only item on the list....

Can you guess what it is? 



terlee said...

It has to be tea, though for me it would be my morning cup of coffee.

Dilys said...

Well, it comes down to . . . tea or chocolate! For my sister and daughter it would be . . . Coffee!!
For me . . . it would be the no/cal sweetner that satisfies that craving for something really sweet. Though today, a cantaloupe did that, it was luscious!

If it makes you feel all those wonderful things, it's got to be worth the effort!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Pizza? :) that's what I'm craving

erleichda said...

in my case is always chocolate ; )

Good for you!