Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Valentine....

My Valentine really did sweep me off my feet, rescue me and whisk me away to a faraway land
(He can pick me up and we moved from Melbourne to Perth... semantics baby, semantics)
My Valentine really is tall dark and handsome
My Valentine can cook!
My Valentine ALWAYS puts the seat down
My Valentine knows where we keep the vacuum cleaner, the iron and how to use them
My Valentine knows my shoe size as well as that of my brassier
My Valentine makes a perfect cup of tea 
(and bakes the best Flourless Orange cake I've ever tasted)
My Valentine can sing and play guitar (swoon)
My Valentine thinks nothing of waking up in the middle of the night and going to an all hours pharmacy for "ladies bits" and then considers grabbing a hot water bottle ... just in case ♥
My Valentine is the most devoted father I know (and we all know how attractive that is)
My Valentine is... MINE.

For you my love ..... the moon and back baby


Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely tribute to your man - he certainly sounds like one of the best.
Sorry i can't reply direct to your comment on my blog as you appear as a 'no-reply' blogger. You could always send me your email address which I can add to my contacts and then I will be able to reply in future.
Re your comment, I am no angel ... like you I have very little to give but I will give a little and lots of love. If we can all do that, hopefully it will help her secure her immediate future until she can get on her feet. She had very tough early years and had just put down roots. I cannot imagine how she feels.
M x

terlee said...

Oh what a perfect post for Valentine's Day!

And lucky, lucky you... ;D

Maria said...

~Hello...Such a lovely tribute..The other day at my work, I did a plague for a young lady with these words..." I would give YOU the moon, but YOU already gave it to me"....Aww it touched my heart... ..Found You through Vintage Jane.Happy Valentines to you both.
Leaving twinkles **** Maria x

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Happy Valentine's Day you l♥vely pair. :) xo

ellen said...

Oh, he is a keeper! Lucky you, lucky him.