Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moss Garden love....♥♥♥

What do you need?

Clear Glass Bottles, Jars, Ornate Containers, Terrariums
Good quality potting mix
Miniature ornaments, rocks, pebbles etc
Small plants suitable for indoor conditions

What I did?

Cleaned & disinfected the jars - germs + moisture = mould
(So this is am important step)
Placed a layer of pebbles at the base of each jar
Next a piece of muslin to stop soil & sand settling too far down
Next a mixture of the sand and soil
Next the moss
Next a few small plants and an ornament or two

Please note - I read THIS FABULOUS BOOK and
found a lot of helpful info, gorgeous ideas 
(for both dry and wet terrariums)
as well as helpful hints and to-do's

I made one for myself and one each for my nieces
(a small garden for a Fairy in need of a place to rest)
This is actually a great activity to do with kids 
Once complete they need to be kept moist
(a spray/mist bottle is handy)
Avoid direct sunlight and open the lid form time to time
(to avoid too much condensation)

I've made many different kinds in the past - wet and dry
The most successful have been those containing succulents
There's a lot of info online or if you have any queries feel free to email me

Hope this inspires a miniature world that suits your home!


Neesie said...

What a delight! ;D
I think I'll be searching for jars and containers later today!
I can also imagine that your niecelets will have such fun with their fairy gardens.
Thanks for the inspiration :D

Vintage Jane said...

What a beautiful idea ... I know two little girls who will love one of these! M x