Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Winter Blues Reversed....

global warming has cooked things up a bit
changing tides, glaciers, hibernations... the whole shebang
thermostats all around the world are confused

the almond tree has blossomed
the poplar is following suit
native freesias have carpeted the nearby parklands

i’m scoffing pretentious soy chai lattes
in a desperate bid to hold onto cosy affairs
i wear “the onesie” in protest, but usually have to strip
halfway through the evening because I’m overheating

I have run out of period dramas to watch
and pod casts to listen to - i have books (of course)
but they’re not cosy reads - need to find a cosy read
(something set in Russia I think)

I didn’t knit enough
i didn’t sort enough
I didn’t have many picnics
(none to be accurate)
I wrote in my journal though
and I made lots of things

oh dear .... I’m rambling

It’s a spectacular day outside
I’m not exaggerating 
20 degrees - sunny and the bluest of skies

I know i should be out there enjoying it
I know I should be excited about the prospect of spring
it’s just that winter flew by all too quickly
and I don’t feel like I got money’s worth 

winter blues reversed
rare but real 



Vintage Jane said...

Here, we have the opposite ... we are desperately trying to hold on to the summer, never wanting to let it go. Cold mornings, chopping firewood and limp wet washing fills me with dread ... !

Neesie said...

Ditto Vintage Jane,
But I've decided I'm going to embrace winter Angy!
When it comes that is...I'll hold onto it just for you and I'll appreciate all the cold, wet, dampness curled up next to the log fire with a good book, or baking in the aga.
I'm not sure I can do the 'onesie' though. I'd frighten the life out of my boys too much...or perhaps they'd split their sides laughing. I'm not sure which? ;D
Meanwhile I'm heading out into the garden to feel that beautiful sun on my face...maybe even sit awhile with a cuppa appreciating the closing days of summer.
Whatever the weather...enjoy!

In My Wild Eden said...

I love blue skis! I've never experienced a winter that went too fast (for me) but I get what you mean. Our days are half warm and half cool now and we have to keep changing clothes too.

ellen said...

Oh, I think that you have done a lot of things. Just think about school, the courage and initiative to start such a big new "thing", and the wonderful and beautiful way in which you are expressing what you have learned. It's far too easy to beat ourselves up..I can certainly attest to that. I'll be a champion at telling myself all of the things I didn't do this summer!
xo, e.