Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vintage Wedding Flowers...

I played around with the floral leftovers from one of my classes...
(one of the many perks in this course)
... and came up with this quaint vintage vignette.

Yellow Calla Lillies, Roses and Statice as well as Deep Purple Hardenbergia
All the vases are thrifted and echo the "bygone era" of the arrangement
As for the salt and pepper shakers ... well I'd use them as cake toppers wouldn't you?

... By the way... just incase I have not mentioned it before... 
I luuuuuuurve this course... ♥♥♥

I've been thinking about doing the bridal component but as soon as I do....
..... I break out into a sweat. 

Brides can sometimes be .... you know... um... difficult and precious and fussy and ...
Did I say fussy?      (am I being too harsh?)

There's also a fair bit of ignorance when it comes to what can (and cannot) be achieved 
within budget constraints, seasonal availability, timing... heat waves...practicality.

Then there's what's in fashion at the moment... David Austen Roses, Peonies, Delphiniums.
All a wee bit hard to source simultaneously and for a reasonable price.

The thing is I know I will eventually learn the ins and outs of matrimonial marigolds.... 
nuptial nasturtiums .... spousal sweet peas (see what I did there?) but for now I'm happy to
concentrate on the basics and play around with wedding styling in the safety of my own home. 
(I AM being harsh I know... especially when there are many gorgeous brides who style 

I think flowers are natural works of art and do not need to be "overly designed/styled"
Still... beauty is in the eye of the beholder... so each to their own.

What do you think peoples?
Whilst I do not want to begrudge any bride (or groom for that matter) the wedding
of their dreams I do tend toward the "less is more" ethos.
I also think you can achieve amazing results on a tight budget with a little imagination, 
some elbow grease ... and maybe a trip or two to the local thrift stores.
It also helps to talk to a variety of Florists to get an idea of what truly is possible
(Because let's face it.... between Kate and Kim the media have set quite the impossible 
fairytale standard... Eeek imagine how the dressmakers feel!)

Well these are the crazy thoughts that roam around my brain now that...
..... I'm studying Floristry....
(I still pinch myself when I say that to make sure I'm not dreaming)

Alright enough prattling. I must go peoples - there is a birthday cake to be planned.
A son who turns fifteen says he's not fussed but a mother knows better.... ♥♥♥


I should just add that I do not blame "Brides to be" ... I blame Pinterest.

(and of course not all brides are ignorant fuss pots... it's actually just a 
temporary syndrome that affects the front cortex of their brain whilst 
they're planning for the big day)


terlee said...

I love your impromptu wedding tableau...the colors, the vases (yay for the thrifts!), and yes, those cute wee dogs would make good cake toppers! ;D

It's pretty clear you made the right choice to study floristry.

Neesie said...

I'm so thrilled you're enjoying your course so much ;D
I'm really quite envious but maybe I'll get to enroll one day? Ha! (see that pig fly by?)

It's so funny because I thought you'd used Buddleia in your arrangement and I've just come in from the garden with a huge bunch to create an arrangement. But after googling 'Hardenbergia' I realise you didn't.
See I need to do a course so that I'd know better ;D

I wasn't precious over my wedding day but maybe I should have been. I was a child bride so I didn't realise I could have tizzy fits and tantrams back then...and get away with it!
I certainly didn't work it!
But I'll remember for next time LOL
Love the vases and cute salt and pepper. One reminds me of Mufftypup ^..^
Carry on the fantastic work and keep letting us see the results. I enjoy it so much :D

ellen said...

You did a magnificent job with those flowers. They are so beautifully arranged, and I like the pureness of them.
Do feel free to color me a Cranky Old Crone, but I cannot understand the true in cost, and full out "production" of so many weddings today. It's beyond my ken and makes me scratch my head in wonder. Why?
I love that you are having such a wonderful time with your course and you certainly have an abundance of talent.
Happy birthday to your son!