Thursday, June 2, 2011

Double Delight

Well I have two very special things to share with you today...
The first being a selection of scanned images that I finally got round to uploading.

My two favourites first...

Vintage playing cards I picked up at the flea markets in Melbourne... Sigh...sweet Melbourne.

I looooove the first lot - you just don't get things like this for children today - something I should consider rectifying! The card stock is linen finish and the artwork.... Oh my.
The colourful lot in the second photo are from a card game called Animal Grab. Not sure what the rules are but I'm sure I would have refused to play with mine if I had owned them as a child. No sir, I probably would have collected them and kept them catalogued in a Holly Hobby pencil case or a Hello Kitty charm box. Which reminds me... I'm on the lookout for an authentic children's music box.
You remember the ones that had the little ballerina dancing when you opened it?
Of course you can still buy them today but they're the nastier, cheaper (MIC = Made in China) versions.
No disrespect intended - I am well aware that the globe would stop spinning if we all decided to boycott items MIC but peoples; you have to agree that A LOT  - as in a HECKOFABLOOMINLOT (new word) is rather cheap, rather nasty and rather...well... Yuk.

Anyhooo... Hopping off the soap-box and moving right along to my other wonderful finds....

Tres...Mendous? Yes?
These will end up as bunting but not until I've scanned every page for inspiration!
Methinks that children from a bygone era had prettier daydreams?

I was also lucky enough to spot (all together) a pile of late 60's (early 70's) girls adventure novels.
They are truly superb and I know for a fact you would have found me under a tree somewhere reading these as a young lass. I have a very vivid memory of raiding the kitchen cupboard for "reading supplies" before heading off to tackle a pile of Secret Seven novels. Anyone else remember the detailed descriptions of the contents of every picnic basket? Always home-made & always with ginger beer or lemonade.... tummy rumbles as we speak.
But have a look at these fabulous front covers...

Very Nancy Drew...

Very... Darryl Hannah....

Most certainly a batch of romance here and...

.....just enough feminism to lead us proudly into the 80's!

Yay for female non-fiction. Thanks to heroines such as these (and all the ladies brave enough to put pen to paper - or in some cases feather to ink) I was raised with a very healthy literary dose of
adventure, politics, mystery, fashion and poetry.
Yes indeed - Jane, Emily, Lucy,  Jodi and Elizabeth (to name but a mere few of my favourites)
"I doff my hat to you!"

As well as these great finds I have more exciting news.
 I am ever so pleased to introduce to you all the very plucky, super enthusiastic and all together OCD when it comes to worms....


Followed closely by the not so plucky, rather skittish and ever so shy...

(She's the lovely lady behind Roz. Which is where you'll find her most of the time. Oh and apologies for the "action shot"  - clearly chickens are not born to model)

They are absolute sweeties and I spent over an hour in their run today - digging for worms and making silly noises. Roz will come up and eat from my hand! Daphne just watches suspiciously from a distance...crooning and clucking. Unfortunately the roof of the run is leaking and so Hubby and I have a bit of handy work to tend to this Saturday. We're also hosting a dinner party for two dear families - both of which have mums who reach a milestone birthday in June. We plan on having a mahoosive (to quote Artemis ... sorry A but I love that word) Pictionary tournament, which I hope to "not suck at"...
We shall see.

Ok so I have procrastinated for a suitably shameful amount of time today. Somehow becoming a mass murderer of earth worms (sorry guys!) and scanning book covers (however lovely) does not get the dishes done, the floors cleaned, the washing hung up, the washing ironed, the washing packed away....
Slight flutter of the heart and guilty emotion washing over me now.
Must away to become heroine in novel titled:
Housework - Not For The Faint Hearted!
Written by Ima Domestic Goddess and Illustrated by
Sheila Getthejobdone.

Tootles peoples!

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Eleni said...

Excellent books! My mum used to read us her Famous Five books before we went to bed - good times!

Funny, isn't it? I spent (what I thought to be) a very productive hour or two browsing the Blogosphere, keeping abreast of news of thrifty finds and baked delights from around the world, but when I had finished, I too had an accusatory pile of laundry glaring at me, insinuating that I had not spend my afternoon wisely! I say bugger the laundry - what do my old socks know that the Internet cannot teach me?