Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Self Portrait...

Been playing around with a collection of "self portrait" shots
(I'm a very cheap model and I never miss a shoot)

Mostly experimenting with Hipstamatic 
(I have every film package & the lens/film combos are endless!) 

Can't decide on an absolute favourite but I'm very fond of the Chunky & Helga Viking Lenses as well as the Cafenol, Inas 69 & Kodot films.

The coolest thing is that each photo records the exact details of every combo so if you love a particular effect you can always refer back to the settings...

There's also a "random" function which allows you to shake the camera (I-phone) and Hipstamatic selects a film package combo for you. You can switch this function off if you like - something which proves handy if you want to take all your shots with one combo and you accidently "shake the camera"

I love the varying casts that you get depending on whether you are using natural, tungsten or green light.
It's like a myriad of moods possible within one tiny little 5 megapixel camera!

Too cool!

The last photo was taken using the regular I-Phone camera and then processed with an application called Plastic Bullet - also a fun way to alter an image.

So if you have an I-Phone (and you haven't checked out Hipstamatic) then go on and have a quick look. 
It's not expensive and it's a lot of fun!

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