Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage love...

A few vintage images to brighten your day...

Love what the ladies are wearing.

These are some of the playing cards I picked up at the Camberwell market when I went to Melbourne in March - I think the blue ones are my favourite.

On a different note - it has rained non-stop here today.
Oh joy. I made a very comforting Dahl for dinner which Hubby embellished with delicious
toasties - German Rye, Pepitas and Colby Cheese - yum yum.
Then for desert - an Orange Syrup Cake...
(It's actually just come out of then oven so I'm putting the kettle on ready for a slice)
Hope your week is going well all?
Soon on it's way - more bunting, more clay tags, more vintage finds and of course more tea and toast.
Happy Tuesday all.

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