Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hush now...

The weather on Friday was just utterly and completely sublime.
Partly cloudy, cool breeze, sun breaking through the clouds from time to time...

Perfect for walking Eddie and breathing deeply.
I am one of those people who loves nothing more than a jolly good tongue wag -  if you couple that with tea and cake, well then I'm yours for life. However whenever I get to spend some quality "alone time" with my thoughts, my hopes and my ideas (and my crazy dog) I'm duly reminded of the sacred nature of simple, allowing and reverent SILENCE.

Perhaps walking my pooch highlights this even more since he just trots along compliantly
 following a scent here...

and claiming territory whenever he can...

We're lucky enough to have a few small parks within a short walking distance from where we live.
My favourite being Roberts Park - so named due to the eccentric old man who has lived next to it for the last 45 years (more photos of it here)

It has a creek flowing through it and a number of really beautiful trees and tree ferns 
(pictured above) 
It's also home to a family of ducks - Eddie wanted to say hello but they would have no part of it.

I love the fact that it's really quite small, and surrounded by houses, yet whenever I'm there I always feel like I've entered another world. For some reason I'm quite often lucky enough to have it all to myself.

I sat beneath the canopy of the tree ferns and just watched, waited... listened.
Turtle doves cooing gently, the whistle of the wind lulling me into a dream state.

Sometimes it's very important for me to simply .... Hush
So I will.

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JB said...

Eddie is a spunk. And so are you!