Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Truth

Today I heard the truth
From a heart younger than mine
It came from a place of knowing
It sought me out in the crowd

This truth was spellbinding
It gave me wings to fly
It told me to fear less
It encouraged me to try

I didn't see it coming
I'm glad for this I'm sure
No time to second guess it
No time to doubt how pure

Today I heard the truth
It was entrusted in my care
It will stay with me forever
It will form a brand new prayer

Words that scream 
"Include me!
Don't ever leave me out
For Divinity makes no mistakes
and Love has no room for doubt!"

Today I heard the truth
From a child younger than me
And as the saying goes...
I was blind, but now I see


This post is dedicated to the young boy who opened up and shared his truth with me.
What an honour to witness someones authenticity and their bravery.
Young man, I applaude you, admire you and envy you.
It took me a lot longer to stand in my own truth. 
(something I'm still practising every day)
Hold your head high and know this.
Your truth is something beautiful to behold.
Thank you.

(All words by BPP)

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