Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bunnies, Bunting and Billowing Curtains...

Whoop Whoop! 
It's raining it's pouring...the old man is snoring! Remember that song?
Finally... Perth is wet. 

We have seen our first decent rain and I am positively giddy!

Everything is glistening and clean and just ever so beautiful.
I walk around outside, cup of tea in hand. I breathe deeply.
I find reflections in puddles.... 

Sigh... can it get any better? Well yes it can. The forecast is for more showers later today!
I must admit that I find it quite ironic reading about fellow bloggers (across the globe) who live in colder climates and spend many a day willing the sun to come out. Whilst I sit here wishing for rain and living vicariously through all the people who talk of fires, snow and all things cosy. Is it possible that I was born in the wrong place? 
Could the stork have misread the address?
I have an idea: Blogger Weather Exchange Program
You send me rain - I'll send you sunshine... 
I'll bottle it, label it and post it your way.
Just send me BPP's of lovely life giving rain.
Pretty please.
Wait! I have to run... the showers are here again!

Little Bunny here is looking happy because he has in his hand a Cote d'Or elephant chocolate - my Easter staple this year. Indeed I have had one for breakfast everyday, since Friday (with tea of course) and I still have some left (thank you Hubby xx)

 Speaking of Friday - I tried my hand at my own version of Dahl and it was a success!
Usually Hubby is the kitchen magician but the ritual of making soupy dishes with wine and music is truly sacred. I lit the candles and cut up the vegies - feeling pretty darn blessed. Here I was about to spend Easter with family and friends - in abundance and in good health. I know many around the globe have had their world shaken by some form of natural disaster, or perhaps even just the sadness of a loved one who is sorely missed. I lit extra candles for you all. I sent you light and love.

For me the time with family and the joy of being around children is all that I need to fill the tank.
My heart just flips and flops when I think of lazy days filled with great food, board games, walks, wine, tea and snoozing. Reminds me of this song by Natalie Merchant:

These are the days
These are days you'll remember.
Never before and never since, 
I promise, will the whole world be warm as this. 
And as you feel it, you'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky.
It's true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you.

So before I leave to go and drink in the day, here are just a few more of the blessings that filled my Easter Holidays.... like billowing curtains (always a favourite) and...

fantastic garage sale luck in the form of tarnished old bells and

retro 60's UK luggage 

or even an unusual work of art...

I have NO idea why these girls captured me so - Hubby thinks they're a bit creepy (something to do with  a film called The Grudge) but I just found their melancholy enchanting. So they came home with me.
Not sure where they'll live but at least they are no longer garage sale orphans!

And to top off it all off I made over 10 metres of bunting - some of it for a Royal Wedding morning tea I will be attending on Friday....

and some of it just for .....

(made from an old Oxford Dictionary - my best bunting ever!)

So goodbye lovely people
Time to don the treasured Hunters (definitely the best footwear I have EVER owned) and make my way outside ...
Puddles are a calling!

Hubby made us Vegetarian Rogan Josh and Naan bread last night!
How lucky am I?

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