Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kookaburra Theatre!

Last Friday, my Friends and I, went to see The Tourist (with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie)

What fun! It was freezing (Yay!) and you are allowed to bring your own food.
We ordered pizzas and ate them before the screening commenced.
The sound was great, the picture was clear and the stars were out!

Pardon the shots (taken with my phone) but I could not resist capturing the ever suave J.D for the purpose of this post. Not that anyone needs to be reminded where he rates on the Cool-o-meter!

The film was quite "old style Hollywood glamour" and it was fun to see Venice from the the balcony of the Hotel Danieli. Rest assured this is the room I'll be staying at when I check in (sigh)...

The cinema has a snack bar but there are ample picnic grounds and a number of tables with benches.
Some folks even brought their camping mattresses and sleeping bags. I think I'll grab my sleeping bag for next time since it gets pretty darn chilly. A cushion wont go astray either! You are also allowed to BYO so we had a tipple to warm us. All in all HIGHLY recommended!

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