Sunday, April 17, 2011

Partly Cloudy with a chance of JOY

Well there are few things more pleasurable than a cosy morning, agreed?
Sleeping in is indeed a treat however, seeing the sunrise with your favourite brew, wrapped up in your "Nana gown and slippers" & wandering through your garden - damp from an early shower...
(I'm afraid that trumps a sleep in any day)

We still have Jasmine blooming and a spindly Cherry Tomato plant determined to keep giving us treasures...... what bliss.

To top it off, I spent all of yesterday sorting out and tidying up. Hubby went to the Blues and Roots festival with a friend; and my little prince had some buddies over for a play date. 
The result....

I found my dining table! Well to be more accurate I rediscovered it. Yes, with the dedication of a nun and the patience of an archaeologist, I painstakingly went through ALL of my.... um....stuff and sorted, cleaned, organised, catalogued, threw out, rearranged, drank tea, ate chocolate... I digress.

You see our family dining table had become my office/dumping ground/craft table/ironing table and optional storage space for all things that one was too lazy to put away (red face) Then in an effort to avoid embarrassment I would simply cover everything up with a sarong (or 3!) and what ensued was a sort of colourful mountain range that just grew and grew... and grew.
NO more! I cried (in my head - not out loud)
 Thus, instead of succumbing to period dramas, a good book or even a nap on the couch....
I got busy

I went through paperwork, craft materials, photos & treasures - even managed to dust!

This little enamel plate 
(found for $1 at a thrift store!) 
came out of the drawer and 

is now sitting next to my stamps
on the wall adjacent to my roll top desk.

This dude guards all the bits and bobs on another shelf...

Meet Birdie...

(Don't think I've introduced Birdie before have I? Well he's my mentor - a small friend who lives above my thinking space, calmly observing all I do and constantly reminding me to 
"spread my wings and shake my tail feathers")

Here he is happily perched above Jane Austen and Louisa M Alcott...
(He has such great taste in literature)

He'll probably be mad that I showed you this 
(because he has not tidied up like me)

This is his house - cute huh? And this is inside - with his nightlight on.

You can't really tell but it's quite messy - he's a collector like me.
I think I may have to help him sort through his mess so that he can awake feeling as optimistic and energetic as I have! So if you have a tedious task you have been avoiding, this post is for you.
Bite the bullet, make the tea, put on the music, get out the dust cloth and just GO FOR IT!
You'll be so happy you did!

I'll leave you with a quote from the unique perspective of Ashleigh Brilliant 

Have a great day peoples. I know I will!

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