Monday, April 4, 2011

The week thus far

If Monday feels like madness and smells like housework and looks like chaos and sounds like alarms and is the start then
Sunday feels like snoozing and smells like pancakes and looks like slippers and sounds like birdsong and is the end and if
Tuesday feels like yawning and smells like coffee and looks like long lists and sounds like traffic and is the next thing then
Saturday feels like celebrating and smells like cocktails and looks like fancy shoes and sounds like music and is the fun thing and if
Wednesday feels like hanging in there and smells like gym shoes and looks like washing and sounds like weather reports then
Friday feels like letting go and smells like pizza and looks like sunset and sounds like music and is the best thing and if
Thursday were left out no one would mind
Since we’d be one day closer to the next day and one day further than the one we left behind....


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