Monday, April 4, 2011

Melbourne Street Art

My final post regarding Dear Old Dame Melbourne is in honour of the fabulous artists who are bold enough to "colour" this vibrant city with their own personal expressions and messages.

This was a sticker I saw on Warburton Lane in the city. Even though it was small in size it had such a magnetic pull for me and I decided to try my luck and Google the artist's signature "Georg" (along with the words artist and Melbourne) - Low and behold this very image came up and, as I followed the trail of breadcrumbs from site to site, I discovered his identity here and then eventually his blog here. Too cool. He also has this great piece just outside the gallery "Until Never" in Hosier Lane.

I need to add that I suffer from severe Coulraphobia -  so it takes a miracle for me to actually look at a painting of clown never mind LIKE it! But there is something about the "eyes" in his works that has me mesmerised...  Here are some of the other amazing artworks found in Hosier lane...

There were actually a group of school kids being given a tour of the lane and a lecture on street artists and up and coming trends (Gotta love that!)

I'd like to add that if this is your work and you wish to be acknowledged, then feel free to contact me and I'll make the amendments. Having said that I found it truly inspiring that so many free thinkers and makers, can be so brave as to create and then let go. No room for precious here since at any point some other dude can just come along and use your work as their canvas!

The eclectic tornado of colour, symbolism and material being used is serious food for thought. Quite a number of artists are using other materials and taking a more 3D approach...

This one below 
(seen on the corner of Brunswick street and St Georges Street South)

and this one 
(on a wall further up Brunswick street)

are great examples of art that defies the "tag in a can" mentality and trusts it's audience to appreciate and acknowledge the transient nature of anything beautiful. I was in awe of how interesting this kind of work made the average walk through suburbia. So much so, I'm thinking of grabbing some paint and giving my "inner" Banksy  a voice! 

So here's to YOU THE ART... is...T.
Thank you. 
For your brazen tactics, 
for your unorthodox approach, 
for your reckless abandonment and most of all... for your talent.

It does not go unnoticed.

(All photos taken by me in Hosier Lane, Warburton Lane and Brunswick Street - Melbourne)

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