Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Spinster

A new Vintage and Retro store has opened in Kalamunda.
It goes by the name "Vintage Spinster" and it is cute as a button!!

The lovely Libby has carefully curated a treasure trove of "yesteryear splendour"

Dresses, hats and jewellery...

Assorted kitchen and homewares....

Fabulous and unique finds...

Methinks I shall be spending a fair bit of time in this divine space!

The good news for those who live a ways away... Vintage Spinster is online!

So there is no excuse not to drop in and peruse...

all the beautiful, authentic and splendiferous (new word) items that have been lovingly collated.

The problem is not what to procure...

It's what to resist!

I really think this lovely lady wants to live with me!

I have already made one little green enamel tea-pot (see my profile picture) a new addition to my ever growing tea-pot family (Hubby has asked lovingly "just how many tea-pots can a girl have?" To which I usually reply: "A GIRL can have one but a LADY can never have too many!")

So to the new Spinster in town... Welcome!!

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