Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hunting and Gathering

So we are on a hunt.
A real hunt - for an animal - dead and stuffed

He will do nicely - right size - perfect expression...

Then again he's rather impressive isn't he??

Or perhaps he's the one for the job?

Better yet why settle for a bust when you can get the whole beast!

Just in case you think I have gone completely and utterly BONKERS... these are all animals preserved by a man named Michael Buzza 
Situated in the picturesque town of Guildford and housed within an old cinema. 
I had NO IDEA and of course you can imagine how unusual this sort of thing is in well...

Michael practices ethical taxidermy and only casts animals that have died of natural causes.
(Amen to that)
Hubby and I were here sourcing a specimen for the studio. 
We fell in love with the space though. The architecture of the old cinema is just so sublime and for some strange reason these stunning creatures look quite "at home" in this setting.
Personally I am against hunting for sport and (having been a vegetarian for more than half my life) I can see why some like minded people would be mortified to find themselves in such a place.
I on the other hand think it's wonderful to have the ability to savour a beast I could never dream of approaching, and in turn honour the magnificence of its creation.
Really and truly I loved it.
When you go to larger Natural History Museums you do not always get the chance to see these creatures up close and in this case more than half of the animals were not behind a glass wall/cabinet.
On top of that Michael is passionate about Wildlife Preservation.

His collection is truly impressive and you can even hire the venue out for functions!!
No need for conversation starters or entertainment here peoples!
"Excuse me where's the host?"
"Oh just there next to the BISON!!!"

So if you find yourself in Guildford - check it out. Really you must.

On the downside - a real specimen was not within budget so Hubby and I had to keep hunting (pardon the pun) for something as ... interesting 

..... and um... unique?

I'd say we did pretty well wouldn't you?
No trophy Buffallo but hey... made from real shells!
They do have a sort of "natural history" feel about them.
I stress ... sort of

After quite a bit of thrifting we had built up an appetite and decided to go to the Rose and Crown for a pub lunch & a pint - as you do on a Monday arvo!
We sat outside - secret closet POMS that we are - looooving the gloomy, rainy, overcast weather.

Next time we come though we are definitely heading for their cellar bar!

With a fascinating history (erected in 1841 when the colony of Western Australia was little more than a decade old!) and built by convict labour  - it's definitely worth the drive north.
Some say it's haunted but I'd still stay in one of their Deluxe Hotel Rooms - if anything to spend the evening in this bar!

Lucky for me I am able to return home to my own kind of cosy...


& Chocolate Cake

So I'll pop the kettle on...

and savour the warmth that is my home...

Filled with it's own kind of wildlife displays.
See you soon peoples.


JB said...

Absolutely perfect! Your life is gooooood!

Ann Marie said...

the rose and crown looks like my kind of place!