Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little bits of Life...

High on the priority list - cosy spots, comfort food, family and fun.
(As it should be all year round but for some reason seems magnified in Winter)
We have been housesitting for siblings  - which gave us access to a wood fire oven, 
a Great Dane and two very cute kiddies. 
How lovely to have the usual routine shaken up a little. 
To be in a loving home and permeate the space with your own brand of fun and care. 
To help out family and have a wonderful time doing it.
(Hubby decided to welcome them back with some homemade Gnocchi - he's perfected it for sure)

Home now, and there is washing to tend to, ironing to curse lovingly finish 
(I started two weeks ago) and a multitude of domestic tasks which appear far from glamorous and have me shuffling my feet more than usual. I've lit a few candles, prepped an oil burner (lemongrass thank you very much) & turned on the bush radio. I still need to find vines for tonight's class - a reverse proportioned, light and airy cascading arrangement - eek! I've fed & tended to the chickens - rewarded with a MAHOOSIVE bum nut today(!) and I have only had one cup of tea... I promise.

Life is moving along at a snails pace today peoples.... but that's ok.


PS - Bucket list item #27 ticked off... Swan Lake.... Sigh 


terlee said...

Love the little peeks into your world. And wow, and man who can make gnocchi, the ballet and a ginormous egg! What more could a girl want? ;D

ellen said...

What lovely moments you had. It all looks just divine...and would you please pass the gnocchi! Right now!
Swan Lake, sigh. I actually got to see Swan Lake when I was ten years old. It was the first time that I had ever been away from Hawaii. A long plane ride (9 hours in those days) from Honolulu to San Francisco, my very own purse and shoes by god on my always bare feet. It was magical.

Neesie said...

Enjoyed my peek into your week ;D
What a fantastic time you've had...
plus swan lake AND perfectly prepped Gnocchi!
You're one lucky lady :D