Saturday, June 25, 2011

For the love of Africa...

Yes I know it's kinda warm in Africa.
Yes I know that it's everything that "rainy UK" is not.
Yes I know -  but I still want to go ...

Via - here
here - with some tea and a good book.
Or here...

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with my Hubby, a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and a bit of Mozzie repellent 
(of course I'd probably pack a wee bit more than that - but you get my drift)

 I'd also settle for a day or two here....

Via - here
.... sipping Gin & Tonic and listening to my pod.

We are off to Africa in December!
 We will be spending our Christmas with family and it's going to be VERY VERY special.
My sister Illona and her Hub, Nico are hosting the JAm family for just on three weeks.
I kid you not - I am dreaming in sepia!

Via - here
We hope to be able to see a bit of the bush whilst we are there.
Hubby has visited with me briefly before, however my son has not. 
It would be so special to give him a taste of the essence of Africa.
The mere thought of falling asleep to the sounds of the bush. 
The raw beauty of a landscape so completely untamed.

The notion that I was born on this continent still amazes me.
My family migrated when I was 12 so of course the memories are still very vivid.
Contrary to all my fantasies though, I was not raised in the African Savanna but rather I grew up just outside a bustling capital city. Still the heart strings tweak and twang uncontrollably when I see images such as these....


The above image is of accommodation in a town called Karen - named after Karen Blixen.
You may remember me writing about the movie Out Of Africa here
Well her house is open for tourists to visit. It is not the house where the movie was made but that wouldn't bother me. No siree. I would be in seventh heaven just perusing all of her beautiful colonial wares and imagining the rugged romance that she shared with the land and it's people.

But for the ULTIMATE in "Glamour Camping" you could not look past this place.
Sabi Sabi -  The most divine African experience I can imagine having!!
And methinks I will stay here...

Via - here
The Mandleve Presidential Suite...
For more heart wrenching images visit their website
For I'm sure that I will simply shrivel up and die of envy!
(or at least send me photos so that I might experience the delights vicariously through you)

So yes... I am off to Africa - in only six months time.
I don't actually think it has sunk in yet.
But it will.


Eleni said...

Wow, that is so exciting! Whereabouts are you going? I've only been to Tunisia, which doesn't feel like proper Africa at all! My gran went on a safari when she was in her 60s, on her own with a tour group. I plan to do the same :)

Angy is my name. said...

My family live in Southern Africa so most of our time will be spent there. I promise you now that a Safari will blow your mind! As much as I truly love Australia and feel very blessed to live here (not to mention my obsession with all things UK!) I really do feel that Africa has a unique magic all of it's own. I promise to share LOTS of photos!